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Lodhi Dynasty – History

1 Babur met with Afghans in 1529 and inflicted defeat on them in the:A. Battle of GograB. Battle of AmritsarC. 1st Battle...

Sayyed Dynasty – History

1 The major source of royal income in medieval north India was:A. JaziyahB. KharajC. ZakarD. KhamANSWER: A2 Sayyid Khizar Khan was the:A....

Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar – Mughal History

1 Akbar’s so-called Deen-i-Ilahi was practically opposed by a religious scholar named as:A. Moin udin ChishtiB. Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad SerhandiC. Data Ganj...

Zheer Ud Din Babur – Mughal History

1 Babur’s Memories were first written in Turkish. In the time of Akbar it was translated into Persian and later into English...

Tughlaq Dynasty – History

1 Feroz Shah was the third ruler of Tughlaq dynasty and was succeeded by;A. Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughlaq II (1388–1389)B. Abu Bakr ShahC. Nasirud...

Slave Dynasty – History

1 Masjid “Quwat-i-Islam was constructed by:A. Shah JehanB. AkbarC. BabarD. Qutab-ud-Din AibakANSWER: D2 India’s earliest contact with Islam came through:A. Arab invasion...

Ghori Dynasty – History

1 The Ghorids captured Ghazni in:A. 1030 A.DB. 1187 A.DC. 1150 A.DD. 998 A.DANSWER: C2 Shahab-ud-Din Ghuri was the successor of:A. Raja...

Indus Valley Civilisation – History MCQs

1 The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in:A. HarappaB. MohenjodaroC. LothalD. RoparANSWER: B2 Alexander the Great visited Taxila...

Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi

1 During the era of Mahmood Ghaznavi, the first ruler appointed was:A. Malik AyazB. Ahmad Shah AbdaliC. Nadir ShahD. Hasan AbdaliANSWER: A2...

Pakistan’s Indian History

The shared past of Pakistan and India cannot be easily separated By Audrey Truschke Pakistan has a rather long or a rather short history, depending on...
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