Following is the Past Paper of PCS, Punjab Public Service Commission. It can give you some useful information regarding entry test. These Past Paper MCQs can also help you to prepare NTS, OTS, PTS, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, AJPSC and other types of entry test exams. PPSC test questions in this past paper are of unique kind. It is an open secret that taking the test of PPSC is always difficult so prepare for your next job test.

1. Who headed the Cabinet Mission?
(A) Sir Stafford Cripps
(B) A.V. Alexander
(C) Lord Pethick-Lawrence
(D) None of these
2. International Day of Disabled Persons is observed every year on:
(A) 2nd December (B) 3rd December
(C) 5th December (D) 7th December
3. The lower house of the Parliament of Malaysia is:
(A) Majlis
(B) Parliament
(C) National Assembly
(D) Dewan Rakyat
4. World No tobacco day is observed on:
(A) 15th May (B) 25th September
(C) 10th September (D) 31st May
5. Ontario Lake is situated in:
(A) USA (B) Canada
(C) Italy (D) France
6. Which of the following countries lead in the production of tea?
(A) China (B) Myanmar
(C) Sri Lanka (D) India
7. Which of the following countries is the largest importer of tea?
(A) Pakistan (B) Myanmar
(C) Sri Lanka (D) Japan
8. Which of the following countries was expelled from UNO when it did not accept the name as suggested by the UNO?
(A) Indonesia
(B) South Africa
(C) Southern Rhodesia
(D) Taiwan
9. Land of Silver Fiber is the nickname of:
(A) Pakistan (B) India
(C) Bangladesh (D) China
10. Wimbledon known for lawn tennis courts is in:
(A) London (B) New York
(C) Washington (D) Geneva
11. Khyber Pass connects Peshawar with:
(A) Bolan (B) Gilgit
(C) Kabul (D) Chitral
12. Khyber Pass is 53 km long. What is the height of Khyber Pass?
(A) 3870 ft (B) 3670 ft
(C) 3,510 ft (D) 3570 ft
13. Bolan Pass is situated in:
(A) Himalaya Range
(B) Karakoram Range
(C) Hindukush Range
(D) Toba Kakar Range
14. Calcutta is situated on bank of river:
(A) Indus River (B) Hooghli River
(C) Spree River (D) None of these
15. Dublin is situated on bank of river:
(A) Nile River (B) Rhine River
(C) Liffey River (D) None of these
16. The second largest desert of the world is:
(A) Arabian Desert
(B) Gobi Desert
(C) Sononon Desert
(D) Namibian Desert
17. Bali is an Island of:
(A) Indonesia (B) Malaysia
(C) Australia (D) None of these
18. Which is the third largest island of the world?
(A) Honshu (B) Baffin
(C) Borneo Island (D) None of these
19. The General Assembly meets every year in regular sessions beginning every year in:
(A) September (B) October
(C) November (D) December
20. Security Council comprises of 15 members. How many non-permanent members Security Council has?
(A) 8 (B) 10
(C) 9 (D) 7
21. Area wise the largest fresh water lake in the world is:
(A) Lake Tanganyika
(B) Lake Superior
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Michigan
22. The world’s highest navigable lake is:
(A) Lake Baikal, Asia
(B) Lake Titicaca, South America
(C) Lake Como, Europe
(D) Caspian Lake
23. The largest irrigation canal in the world is:
(A) Panama Canal
(B) Sukkur Canal
(C) Suez Canal
(D) Indira Gandhi Canal
24. The largest producer of wool is:
(A) India (B) Australia
(C) China (D) Brazil
25. The largest producer of silk is:
(A) India (B) Japan
(C) China (D) Brazil
26. Mysophobia is a fear of:
(A) snakes (B) mice and rats
(C) birds (D) None of these
27. Which of the following precious metal is found in Dera Ghazi Khan?
(A) Platinum (B) Uranium
(C) Thorium (D) None of these
28. Monroe Doctrine originated by US President Monroe in:
(A) 2 March 1823
(B) 3 April 1823
(C) 2 December 1823
(D) 29 October 1823
29. The largest peninsula of the world, located almost in the centre of the world is:
(A) Indochina Peninsula
(B) Arabian Peninsula
(C) Anatolian Peninsula
(D) Al-Faw Peninsula, Iraq
30. In 1954 USA launched her first Atomic Submarine. What was its name?
(A) Attila
(B) Washington
(C) Sea Lion
(D) Nautilus (SSN-571)
31. Euro currency was launched in:
(A) January 1997 (B) March 2000
(C) February 1998 (D) January 1999
32. Who was the founder and spiritual leader of Hamas?
(A) Sheikh Ahmed Yasin
(B) Mahmood Abbas
(C) Ali Hassan Salamah
(D) Mahmud Abbas
33. Who among the following was the first British Governor-General of India?
(A) Warren Hastings
(B) Lord Warren Hastings
(C) Lord Dalhousie
(D) Lord Bentinck
34. Lord Wellesley greatly extended the British Dominion through:
(A) Doctrine of Lapse
(B) Subsidiary alliance
(C) Partitioning of India
(D) Annexing princely states
35. The 1857 Revolt which began with the mutiny of the sepoys (Indian soldiers of the East India Company) commenced from:
(A) January 26, 1857
(B) August 15, 1857
(C) May 10, 1857
(D) August 10, 1857
36. Jallian wala Bagh massacre occurred on:
(A) January 30, 1918
(B) April 13, 1919
(C) August 14, 1920
(D) July 3, 1930
37. The All India Muslim League was formed in 1906 at:
(A) Aligarh (B) Dhaka
(C) Lucknow (D) Lahore
38. The Viceroy upon whom a bomb was thrown but he did not change his attitude towards the Indians, was:
(A) Lord Harding
(B) Warren Hastings
(C) Lord Curzon
(D) Lord Chelmsford
39. The total number of the Ummayad rulers was
(A) 10 (B) 14
(C) 18 (D) 25
40. English Channel is located between:
(A) Italy and England
(B) France and England
(C) Germany and England
(D) None of these
41. Ornithology is the science which deals with:
(A) Study of bones (B) Study of birds
(C) Study of smells (D) None of these
42. Entomology is the science which deals with:
(A) Plants (B) Animals
(C) Insects (D) Chemicals
43. Which of the following straits separate Malaysia from Singapore?
(A) Dover Strait (B) Johor Strait
(C) Sunda Strait (D) Palk Strait
44. Name the strait which separates Italy form Sicily?
(A) Palk Strait
(B) Sunda Strait
(C) Messina Strait
(D) Northumberland Strait
45. Strait of Malacca separates:
(A) Malaysia and China
(B) Malaysia and Indonesia
(C) Malaysia and Sri Lanka
(D) None of these
46. Sea of Marmara and Aegean Sea are connected by the strait:
(A) Davis Strait
(B) Mozambique Strait
(C) Dardanelles Strait
(D) Malacca Strait
47. Which of the following strait separate Asia from North America?
(A) Bering Strait
(B) Palk Strait
(C) Harmoz Strait
(D) Northumberland Strait
48. Cook Strait separates South New Zealand from:
(A) North Australia
(B) North New Zeeland
(C) Papua
(D) None of these
49. English Channel separates England from:
(A) Italy (B) France
(C) Germany (D) None of these
50. “Babylon” is the famous city of:
(A) Iraq (B) Jordan
(C) Kuwait (D) Greece
51. Dardanelles Strait is located in:
(A) Turkey (B) Indonesia
(C) USA (D) None of these
52. The USA consists of how many states?
(A) 42 (B) 50
(C) 32 (D) 40
53. Name the first person who reached South Pole?
(A) Major White
(B) Roald Amundsen
(C) Charles Conrad
(D) Alan Bean
54. The Cripps Mission visited India during the regime of:
(A) Lord Wavell
(B) Lord Mountbatten
(C) Lord Linlithgow
(D) Lord Wellington
55. The foreign phrase Bona fide means:
(A) Genuine
(B) Eccentrics
(C) Under consideration
(D) None of these
56. Grand Canal is oldest man made Canal for shipping purpose situated in (made in 7th century):
(A) Iraq (B) China
(C) France (D) India
57. The largest stock market of Asia is:
(A) Nikkei (B) Mumbai
(C) Strait Times (D) Shangai-500
58. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on:
(A) 10 December 1946
(B) 10 December 1949
(C) 10 December 1948
(D) 10 December 1947
59. Sphygmomanometer is used to measure:
(A) Weight (B) Length
(C) Blood Pressure (D) Heart beat
60. The boundary line which includes the creek in Sindh is known as:
(A) Blue line (B) Green line
(C) Red line (D) Yellow line
61. Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka in:
(A) 1972 (B) 1976
(C) 1978 (D) 1970
62. The Statue of Liberty in ________ is the highest statue of the world with the height of 151 feet.
(A) New York (B) Washington
(C) London (D) Rome
63. The Statue of Liberty is the highest statue of the world with the height of 151 feet. It was gifted to UAS by:
(A) Malaysia (B) France
(C) China (D) Canada
64. World Telecommunication Day (now, World Information Society Day) is observed on:
(A) 10th May
(B) 25th September
(C) 17th May
(D) 15th September
65. Name the first rocket launched by Pakistan was:
(A) Badar (B) Rahbar
(C) Hataf (D) None of these
66. The first nuclear power plant in Pakistan was established at which place?
(A) Mianwali (B) Islamabad
(C) Karachi (D) Peshawar
67. Which is the world’s longest mountain chain?
(A) Alps (B) Himalayas
(C) Andes (D) Tibet
68. Which of the following countries lead in the production of tin in the world?
(A) Malaysia (B) China
(C) USA (D) Canada
69. Hingol Dam is constructed in the province of Pakistan
(A) Punjab
(B) Sindh
(C) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(D) Baluchistan
70. Falkland Islands are disputed between two countries:
(A) China and Japan
(B) England and Argentina
(C) USA and Russia
(D) None of these
71. Golan Heights belonging to country A was captured by country B. Which of the following A and B respectively?
(A) Syria and Israel (B) Israel and Iraq
(C) Iran and Iraq (D) Kuwait and Iraq
72. Victoria Island is situated in:
(A) Atlantic Ocean (B) Indian Ocean
(C) Arctic Ocean (D) Pacific Ocean
73. Which is the largest river of Balochistan?
(A) Porali River (B) Hungol River
(C) Dasht River (D) Hub River
74. What is the (area wise) rank of Pakistan among the world’s largest countries?
(A) 33th (B) 34th
(C) 35th (D) 36th
75. Toot oil and natural gas field is located in:
(A) Sindh
(B) Baluchistan
(C) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(D) Punjab
76. Koh-i-Sultan is located in:
(A) Punjab
(B) Sindh
(C) Baluchistan
(D) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
77. Dove is the symbol of:
(A) Peace
(B) Love
(C) Liberty
(D) Religious Harmony
78. What is the total length of Pak-Afghan boundary line?
(A) 2,550 kilometers (B) 2,430 kilometers
(C) 2,350 kilometers (D) 2,218 kilometers
79. What is the total length of Pak-China boundary line?
(A) 523 kilometers (B) 695 kilometers
(C) 795 kilometers (D) 805 kilometers
80. What is the total length of Pak-Iran boundary line?
(A) 595 kilometers (B) 695 kilometers
(C) 795 kilometers (D) 909 kilometers
81. Which is the largest desert of Pakistan?
(A) Thal (B) Thar
(C) Cholistan (D) Naran
82. Chancellor is the head of the state in:
(A) Germany (B) Austria
(C) Both of them (D) Australia
83. HAMAS is the name of an Islamic resistance movement in:
(A) Palestine (B) Kashmir
(C) Dagestan (D) Chechnya
84. The “Diamer-Bhasha Dam” on Indus River is being constructed in:
(A) K.P.K. (B) Gilgit-Baltistan
(C) Punjab (D) None of these
85. “Diego Garcia” is a:
(A) Airlines of Singapore
(B) French Surface to Surface Missile
(C) United States military base in the Indian Ocean
(D) Disputed island between Japan and Russia in the Pacific Ocean
86. Archaeologists in Israel have recently discovered 20000 years old village under the mud of:
(A) Dead Sea (B) Sea of Galilee
(C) Bering Sea (D) Aegean Sea
87. “Shadow Cabinet” is:
(A) A specialized group of critics formed by the opposition party in the parliament
(B) Some ministers very close to the Prime Minister
(C) Cabinet announced by the majority party in the parliament before forming government
(D) None of the above
88. Blind Dolphins are found in which river of Pakistan?
(A) Sutlej (B) Chenab
(C) Hub (D) Sindh (Indus)
89. Who was the president of USA at the time of creation of Pakistan?
(A) D.R. Roosevelt (B) Eisenhower
(C) Harry S. Truman (D) None of these
90. As a result of 1857 Revolt, which ruler of native states of India was made prisoner?
(A) Begum of Avadh
(B) Rani of Jhansi
(C) Bahadur Shah
(D) Raja of Vizianagaram
91. How many principal bodies of the UNO are there?
(A) 4 (B) 6
(C) 7 (D) 8
92. The first Secretary-General of the United Nations was
(A) Mrs Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
(B) Trygve Lie (Norway)
(C) Kofi Annan
(D) U. Thant
93. The Doctrine of Lapse was introduced by:
(A) Lord Wellesley
(B) Warren Hastings
(C) Lord Canning
(D) Lord Dalhousie
94. When the term Viceroy and Governor-General of India (known in short as the Viceroy of India) was applied?
(A) 1858 A.D. (B) 1885 A.D.
(C) 1905 A.D. (D) 1917 A.D.
95. Who was the first Englishman to preside over a Congress session?
(A) A. O. Hume (B) W. Wedderburn
(C) George Yule (D) None
96. Internet mostly uses for:
(A) Chat (B) E-mail
(C) Applications (D) Business
97. When Radcliffe Award was announced?
(A) 17th June 1947
(B) 18th July 1947
(C) 15th August 1947
(D) 17th August 1947
98. Name the person who discovered sea route from Europe to India:
(A) Vasco da Gama
(B) Christopher Columbus
(C) Marco Polo
(D) None of these
99. Which is the longest Canal of Pakistan?
(A) Nara Canal (B) Thar Canal
(C) Sadiqia Canal (D) K.B Link Canal
100. Portugal handed over Macao to China on:
(A) September 1998
(B) December 1999
(C) July 1996
(D) August 1997

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