Punjab Police Department PMS BS-17 PPSC Past Paper 2015

Punjab Police Past Paper

PPSC is Punjab’s testing service with mission to conduct tests, examinations and interviews for recruitment to Provincial Services and posts connected with the affairs of the Province and posts in organization set up by Government under any law. PPSC conducted PMS/ PCS examination to recruit officers in Punjab Police Department in 2015. This past paper can also be used for preparation of other testing service exams such as NTS, OTS, PTS, FPSC, AJKPSC, KPPSC and SPSC.


1. Father of former US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright was also a member of the UN Commission on India and Pakistan and author of the book “Danger in Kashmir”. What was his name?
(A) Joseph Albright (B) Joseph Korbel
(C) Owen Dixon (D) Alistair Lamb
2. Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamed, was by education a(n):
(A) Engineer
(B) Economist
(C) Political Scientist
(D) Medical doctor
3. Epistemology is the study of:
(A) Knowledge (B) Parasites
(C) Parasites (D) Religions
4. Who was the leader of the 1958 coup in Iraq, which led to proclamation of Iraq as a Republic?
(A) Sadam Hussain
(B) Nuri Al Said
(C) Abdul Karim Qasim
(D) Fadhel Jamali
5. Major Shabbir Sharif was awarded Nishan-e-Haider posthumously. Which other medal for bravery was he awarded during his career in the Army?
(A) Tamgha-e-Basaiat
(B) Nishan-e-Shujaat
(C) Hilal-e-Jurat
(D) Sitara-e-Jurat
6. Which Indian personality served as the President of the UN General Assembly in 1953-54?
(A) S. Radha Krishan
(B) Gopalswamy Ayyengar
(C) V.K Krishna Menon
(D) Vijayalakshmi Pundit
7. In which organ of the United Nations all member states of UN are represented?
(A) Econoic and Social Council
(B) General Assembly
(C) Security Council
(D) Human Rights Council
8. Ustad Allah Baksh was a famous _________ of Pakistan.
(A) Classical singer (B) Sitar player
(C) Tabla player (D) Painter
9. Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz holds a Masters degree in Development Economics from:
(A) Cambridge University
(B) Harvard University
(C) Columbia University
(D) Karachi University
10. During his address to the UN General Assembly Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif proposed a new peace initiative with India starting with implementation of four measures relating to cease-fire along the LoC, non-use of force or threat to use force, demilitarization of Kashmir and _________
(A) Settlement of Sir Creek dispute
(B) Wuller Barrage
(C) Withdrawal of forces from Siachin
(D) Normalisation of trade
11. UNFCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) was adopted to during the Earth Summit at Riow de Janeiro (1992). When did it come in force?
(A) March 1994 (B) August 1995
(C) October 1996 (D) January 1994
12. De Beers is one of the biggest name in diamond industry. Who was the founder of De Beers Consolidated Mining Company?
(A) John Cecil Rhodes
(B) Joseph D. Rockefeller
(C) John Krugger
(D) Rupert Murdoch
13. Who was the first UN High Commissioner for Human Rights?
(A) Mary Robinson
(B) Jose Ayala Lasso
(C) Navin Pillay
(D) Sadruddin Agha Khan
14. The Treaty of European Union (1992) is also known as:
(A) Treaty of The Hague
(B) Treaty of Burssels
(C) Maastricht Treaty
(D) Paris Accord (Treaty)
15. King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud named the kingdom of Hejaz and Najd as Saudi Arabia in:
(A) 1924 (B) 1930
(C) 1932 (D) 1936
16. Headquarter of the African Union (AU) is located in:
(A) Johannesburg (B) Cairo
(C) Dakar (D) Addis Ababa
17. Which of the following Indian Nobel Prize winners is associated with economics?
(A) V.S. Naipaul
(B) Amartya Sen
(C) C.V. Raman
(D) Hargobind Khorana
18. The Earth takes about _________ to complete one rotation around its axis.
(A) 48 hours (B) One month
(C) 24 hours (D) 365 days
19. When a gas turns into a liquid the process is called:
(A) Condensation (B) Evaporation
(C) Deposition (D) Sublimation
20. Yeast used in making of bread is a:
(A) Fungus (B) Plant
(C) Bacteria (D) Seed

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