Population and Census 2017 MCQs

Population and Census 2017

The 6th census has finally reached a conclusion Pakistan Bureau of Statistics declared results of the country-wide population count and details. The results reveal an increase of 57% in the total population of the country in the last 19 years, and the total population at present stands at 207,774,520 as compared to 132,362,279 back in 1998. Of all the Provinces, the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, recorded the highest population annual growth rate of 4.91%, while the other provinces stand at a maximum of 2%. While Punjab and Sindh have witnessed a decline in their population growth rates, Punjab still remains host to the largest population of 110 million, with Sindh following on the second spot with a population of 48 million. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Baluchistan, although lag behind in numbers, have registered an increase in their respective population growth rates

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