Following is the Past Paper of PMS 2009, Punjab Public Service Commission. It can give you some useful information regarding entry test. These Past Paper MCQs can also help you to prepare NTS, OTS, PTS, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, AJPSC and other types of entry test exams. PPSC test questions in this past paper are of unique kind. It is an open secret that taking the test of PPSC is always difficult so prepare for your next job test.

1. The world is celebrating in 2009, 200th birth anniversary of the scientist:
(A) Charles Darwin (B) James Watt
(C) Roger Bacon (D) Isaac Newton
2. “BIN” is the intelligence agency of:
(A) Iraq (B) Indonesia
(C) Afghanistan (D) Bangladesh
3. Science of human races is called:
(A) Demography (B) Chorography
(C) Anthropology (D) Bangladesh
4. American President’s special envoy to the Middle East is:
(A) Sherard Cowper Coles
(B) Richard Holbrooke
(C) George Mitchell
(D) Robert Gates
5. ‘Aramco’ is the oil company of:
(A) America (B) Russia
(C) Saudi Arabia (D) Iran
6. ‘Tenge’ is the currency of:
(A) Kenya (B) Kyrgyzstan
(C) Cuba (D) Kazakhstan
7. ‘Chennai’ is the new name of the Indian city:
(A) Madras (B) Patna
(C) Agra (D) Lucknow
8. World Bank President is:
(A) Robert Zoellick (B) Strauss-Kahn
(C) Shakour Shaalan (D) none of these
9. ‘Asiana Airlines’ is of:
(A) Japan (B) South Korea
(C) Thailand (D) Malaysia
10. ‘California’ is known as ‘Silicon Valley’ because of:
(A) Hollywood film industry
(B) Computer software industry
(C) Science beauty and resorts
(D) Mineral resources
11. Which of the following countries is celebrating 50 years of Communist Revolution in 2009?
(A) China (B) Cuba
(C) North Korea (D) Vietnam
12. Which of the following Central Asian States has recently closed down American air base at ‘Manas’?
(A) Tajikistan (B) Kazakhstan
(C) Turkmenistan (D) Kyrgyzstan
13. “Seattle” is the seaport of:
(A) Germany (B) Canada
(C) China (D) USA
14. Kerry-Lugar bill in US Congress, if approved, would provide to Pakistan an annual economic assistance of:
(A) $ 1.5 billion (B) $ 2 billion
(C) $ 2.5 billion (D) $ 3 billion
15. ‘Klaus Schwab’ is the founder of:
(A) Red Cross
(B) Scout Movement
(C) World Economic Forum
(D) Cable News Network (CNN)
16. The Noble Peace Prize 2008 has been awarded to Martti Ahtisarri for his efforts in conflict resolution on different continents; he is a former President of:
(A) Chile (B) Netherlands
(C) Finland (D) Argentine
17. Chronometer is used to measure:
(A) Velocity (B) Pressure
(C) Time (D) none of these
18. Why “Black Sea” is so called?
(A) The dense fog that prevails there in water
(B) A large number of black rocks in the water
(C) The water of sea is black
(D) None of these
19. The Muslims of Mindanao Island are struggling for their political rights in:
(A) Japan (B) South Africa
(C) Philippines (D) Myanmar
20. ‘Likud and Kadima are the two main political parties of:
(A) Iran (B) Lebanon
(C) Syria (D) None of these
21. ‘Three Gorges Dam’ project is located in:
(A) America (B) Russia
(C) China (D) Canada
22. “Blue House” is the official residence of:
(A) President of South Korea
(B) German Chancellor
(C) President of France
(D) Pope of Vatican
23. Under the proposed law ‘Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act’ the US would:
(A) Provide latest version of F-16 aircrafts to Pakistan
(B) Establish reconstruction opportunity zones in the tribal areas of Pakistan
(C) Provide security and intelligence equipment to Pak Army
(D) Offer scholarships to Pakistani students in American Universities
24. Which part of human body is more prone to damage from the ‘Hepatitis Virus’?
(A) Kidneys (B) Lungs
(C) Spleen (D) Liver
25. What do you understand by the term “Brain Drain”?
(A) Mad Person
(B) Migration of skilled labour to other countries
(C) Emigration of intellectuals
(D) Illiteracy and ignorance
26. The idea of ‘Asia Europe Meeting’ (ASEM) organization was initiated in 1994 by Mr. Goh Chok Tong, the Prime Minister of:
(A) South Korea (B) North Korea
(C) Japan (D) Singapore
27. Which of the following international organizations was established first?
(C) OIC (D) D – 8
28. Which of the following South Asian countries has recently been elected a member board of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)?
(A) Nepal (B) Sri Lanka
(C) Iran (D) Afghanistan
29. ‘Nippon’ is stock exchange market of:
(A) Tokyo (B) London
(C) New York (D) None of these
30. ‘Khar’ is the main town of:
(A) Bajaur Agency (B) Khyber Agency
(C) Kurram Agency (D) North Waziristan
31. The world’s oldest national anthem is of:
(A) Denmark (B) Thailand
(C) Norway (D) Japan
32. ‘Hamas’ was founded in 1987 by:
(A) Yaser Arafat
(B) Ismail Hannia
(C) Sheikh Ahmad Yasin
(D) Khalid Mashaal
33. Which of the following leaders has recently been elected as Head of 53 members African Union (AU):
(A) Hosni Mubarak of Egypt
(B) Muammar Gaddafi of Libya
(C) Thabo Mbeki of South Africa
(D) Omar al Bashir of Sudan
34. Who is called “Father of Computer”?
(A) Charles Babbage
(B) Thomas Kurtz
(C) Konrad Zuse
(D) Bill Gates
35. Which of the P-5 countries in the UN Security Council has exercised veto power at the maximum times so far?
(A) USA (B) Russia
(C) France (D) Britain
36. The world’s largest foreign exchange reserves, almost $ 2 trillion is of:
(A) USA (B) Japan
(C) Germany (D) China
37. In computer, CPU stands for:
(A) Computer Processing Unit
(B) Central Programme Unit
(C) Communication Processing Unit
(D) Central Processing Unit
38. The biggest bird is:
(A) Eagle (B) Owl
(C) Kiwi (D) Ostrich
39. 3 May each year is observed internationally as:
(A) Environment Day
(B) Population Day
(C) Press Freedom Day
(D) Food Day
40. Human Rights Organization ‘Human Rights Watch’ is based in:
(A) Geneva (B) New York
(C) London (D) Paris
41. Which of the following UN agencies has received Noble Peace Prize?
(C) UN High Commissioner for Refugees
(D) All of these
42. Almost 40% of the world’s oil supply passes through the strait of:
(A) Hormuz (B) Malacca
(C) Bosporus (D) Gibraltar
43. The famous city ‘Waterloo’ is in:
(A) France (B) Germany
(C) Sweden (D) Belgium
44. Which of the following Gulf States has recently donated 320 MW gas fired power plant to Pakistan?
(A) Saudi Arabia (B) Qatar
(C) UAE (D) Bahrain
45. Who is ‘Hemant Karkare’?
(A) A person involved in Samjhota Express train bombing in 2007
(B) Indian Anti-terror squad chief killed during Mumbai attack in 2008
(C) Chief of Indian Intelligence agency RAW
(D) Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan
46. Which of the following films has won eight Oscar Awards in a ceremony on 23rd February 2009?
(A) The Reader
(B) The Dark Knight
(C) Slumdog Millionaire
(D) Man and Wire
47. Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza started on 27 December 2008, killing more than 1300 Palestinians had been given the name:
(A) Operation Blue Star
(B) Operation Cast Lead
(C) Operation Desert Storm
(D) Operation Clean Up
48. Pakistan’s largest trading partner at present is:
(A) China (B) America
(C) Saudi Arabia (D) Japan
49. What is ‘Khmer Rouge’?
(A) A Communist movement in Cambodia
(B) Tamil group in Sri Lanka
(C) Irish nationalist party
(D) A port of Singapore
50. The UN spends the largest amount, almost $ 8 billion annually on:
(A) Health care
(B) Poverty alleviation
(C) Peacekeeping missions
(D) Literacy and Education
51. The oldest internet search engine is:
(A) Yahoo (B)
(C) Giga blast (D) Google
52. The headquarters of IMF is located at:
(A) Geneva (B) New York
(C) Washington DC (D) Paris
53. The main factor attributed to the global financial crisis 2008 is:
(A) Great slide in oil prices in the international market
(B) Collapse of housing prices and mortgage market in the United States
(C) Huge trade imbalance between America and China
(D) None of these
54. Karachi Nuclear power plant was built with the assistance of:
(A) China (B) Russia
(C) France (D) Canada
55. The term ‘Hung Parliament’ describes a situation in which:
(A) Prime Minister deliberately avoids attending the sessions of the parliament for a long period
(B) Prime Minister has been removed through a vote of no confidence but refuse to step down
(C) No single party has a majority in the house
(D) The ruling party has lost the majority in the upper house
56. Which of the following categories of Nobel Prizes was not created by Swedish Scientist Alfred Nobel?
(A) Peace (B) Literature
(C) Economics (D) Medicine
57. Which of the following provinces of Afghanistan shares border with Pakistan?
(A) Ningrahar, Pakita, Ghazni
(B) Bamiyan, Farah, Herat
(C) Baikh, Samangan, Kunduz
(D) Takhar, Uruzgan, Ghur
58. Russia supply natural gas to European countries which transit through the state of:
(A) Latvia (B) Ukraine
(C) Estonia (D) Lithuania
59. Itar-Tass is the news agency of:
(A) Iran (B) Italy
(C) France (D) Russia
60. The world’s largest subway system is in:
(A) Tokyo (B) Moscow
(C) Mexico City (D) New York
61. Under the Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government, US intend to remove all troops from Iraq by the end of:
(A) 2011 (B) 2012
(C) 2013 (D) 2014
62. “Philately” is a
(A) Science of drugs
(B) Stamp collection
(C) The study of written record
(D) The study of animal behaviour
63. The world’s largest number of newspapers are published from:
(A) America (B) China
(C) Russia (D) India
64. The most famous book of 2008 ‘The Way of the World – A story of truth and hope in an age of extremism is written by:
(A) Ron Suskind (B) H.V. Hudson
(C) Christian Lamb (D) Ayehsa Jatal
65. ‘Paracel Islands’ in the South China sea are disputed between China and:
(A) Philippines (B) Japan
(C) Vietnam (D) South Korea
66. National Income is essentially composed of:
(A) All wealth of a nation
(B) Annual income of the central government
(C) All income of the people in a year
(D) Income derived from taxes by the central government
67. ‘Fleet Street’ London is famous of:
(A) Banking and financial offices
(B) Offices of the cargo companies
(C) Offices of the newspapers and press agencies
(D) Offices of the Royal Navy establishment
68. ‘Petra’ an archaeological site is among the new Seven Wonders of the World located in:
(A) Mexico (B) Italy
(C) Spain (D) Jordan
69. ‘Marco Polo’ was a famous:
(A) Writer (B) Scientist
(C) Traveller (D) Sportsman
70. The only vitamin which cannot be stored in human body
(A) Vitamin C (B) Vitamin D
(C) Vitamin K (D) None of these
71. Swat Valley is situated in the mountain range of:
(A) Hindukush (B) Karakorum
(C) Himalayas (D) None of these
72. 1 metric ton is equal to:
(A) 100 kilogram (B) 500 kilogram
(C) 1000 kilogram (D) 10000 kilogram
73. In which of the following countries, 240 years old monarchy was abolished in 2008?
(A) Sweden (B) Brunei
(C) Bhutan (D) Nepal
74. Which of the following countries first introduced paper currency in the world?
(A) USA (B) Greece
(C) China (D) France
75. ‘Anemometer’ is an instrument used for measuring:
(A) Wind speed (B) Electric current
(C) Temperature (D) Air pressure
76. Green vegetables are good source of:
(A) Starch
(B) Fats and Oil
(C) Protein
(D) Minerals and Vitamins
77. British East India Company was established during the reign of Mughal Emperor:
(A) Akbar (B) Jahangir
(C) Shahjahan (D) Aurengzeb
78. The International Criminal Court of Justice has recently issued arrest warrant of one of the following sitting President of a country on Committing War Crimes, he is:
(A) President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir
(B) President of Somalia Sharif Ahmed
(C) President of Serbia Boris Tadic
(D) None of these
79. Pakistan and Afghanistan have ‘Transit Trade Agreement’ signed in:
(A) 1955 (B) 1959
(C) 1962 (D) 1965
80. What do you understand by the disease “Insomnia”?
(A) Inability to sleep (B) Colour blindness
(C) Depression (D) None of these
81. On which of the following issues, Arab Israel peace process stalled?
(A) Shape and size of the future Palestinian State
(B) Status of East Jerusalem
(C) Fate of 3.5 million Palestinian refugees in the Arab world
(D) All of these
82. The world’s famous Madame Tussaud’s museum is situated in:
(A) Paris (B) London
(C) Rome (D) New York
83. The world’s oldest parliament, founded in the year 930 AD is:
(A) British Parliament
(B) Diet of Japan
(C) Althing of Iceland
(D) Cortes of Spain
84. The last King of Afghanistan was:
(A) Habibullah Khan
(B) Muhammad Zahir Shah
(C) SardarDaud Khan
(D) Amanullah Khan
85. “Ornithology” is the study of:
(A) Birds (B) Insects
(C) Sea Animals (D) Sea plants
86. ‘Order of Cloud and Banner‘ is the most prestigious military award of:
(A) Japan (B) China
(C) India (D) South Korea
87. ‘Naxalite movement is a pro communism movement started in:
(A) India (B) Nepal
(C) Bhutan (D) Sri Lanka
88. What is meant by “Petticoat Government”?
(A) A government is exile
(B) A government runs by a woman
(C) A government without actual power
(D) A government runs by some feudal lords
89. Which of the following South Asian leaders has recently given a proposal to form ‘South Asian task force to combat terrorism’ in the region?
(A) President AsifZardari of Pakistan
(B) Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh
(C) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India
(D) Prime Minister RatnasiriWickremanayake of Sri Lanka
90. World Cup football tournament 2010 will be held in:
(A) England (B) Spain
(C) Italy (D) South Africa
91. The largest opium producer province of Afghanistan is:
(A) Nangarhar (B) Helmand
(C) Paktia (D) Herat
92. Light travels from Sun to Earth in:
(A) 499.0 seconds (B) 599.0 seconds
(C) 699.0 seconds (D) 799.0 seconds
93. What do understand by the term, ‘Intifada’?
(A) Reconciliation (B) Uprising
(C) Offence (D) Negotiation
94. Which of the following rivers run through Paris?
(A) The Seine (B) The Thames
(C) The Rhine (D) The Danube
95. ‘Pearl Harbour’ is located in American state:
(A) Alaska (B) Hawaii
(C) Virginia (D) New York
96. Russia criticizes American missile defense system deployed in:
(A) Japan and South Korea
(B) Taiwan and Philippine
(C) Poland and Czech Republic
(D) Ukraine and Georgia
97. Deficiency of Vitamin ‘C’ in human body leads to:
(A) Eye disease (B) Nerve disease
(C) Teeth disease (D) Skin disease
98. Tamils in Sri Lanka are struggling for an independent state in the territory of:
(A) Jaffna (B) Kandy
(C) Ratnapura (D) Galle
99. The largest section of the Kurd population is living in:
(A) Iraq (B) Iran
(C) Turkey (D) Syria
100. Which of the following is the least free country in view of poor human rights record as described by US based organization ‘Freedom House’ in its annual report 2009?
(A) Nepal
(B) Bhutan
(C) Myanmar
(D) Cuba

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