Khaliji Dynasty

Alauddin Khalji Sultan Dehli

1 The tomb of Ala-ud-Din Khiji is located in:
A. Qutub Minar
B. Peso Tower
C. Tomb of Jehangir
D. Badshai Mosque

2 The founder of Khaliji Dynasty was:
A. Muhamamd Ghori
B. Alauddin Khaliji
C. Qutubuddin Aibak
D. Jalal ud din Firuz Khaliji

3 Alauddin Khaliji died in:
A. 1316
B. 1322
C. 1211
D. 1309

4 The name of the incomplete building constructed by Ala-ud-Din Khaliji was:
A. Alai Minar
B. Qutub Minar
C. Badshai Mosque
D. Quwwatul-Islam mosque

5 The major source of royal income in medieval north India was:
A. Jaziyah
B. Kharaj
C. Zakat
D. Kham

6 The most important feature in the economic measures pursued by Alauddin Khaliji was:
A. Foreign trade
B. Market control
C. Minting of new coins
D. Development of agriculture

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