District Zakat Officer (BS-17) in Zakat & Ushr Department Past Paper 2012

Correct answer marked with * 

Section 1 (Zakat and Ushr)

1.The Arabic word Zakat has been derived from Tazkiya. What does it mean?

(A)To give*(B)To purify

(C)To spend(D)To offer

2.When Zakat was made compulsory?

*(A)2 A.H(B)3 A.H

(C)4 A.H(D)5 A.H

3.At​​ how many places of Qur’an the orders of the payment of Zakat are mentioned?​​ 



4.At how many places of Qur’an, Zakat is mentioned in the company of Salat?



5.Which of the following can receive​​ Zakat?


(C)Needy*(D)All of these

6.What is the Nisab of Zakat?

*(A) 21/2% on 521/2silver or 7​​ 1/2​​ total gold

(B) 21/2% on 531/2silver or 8​​ 1/2​​ total gold

(C) 21/2% on 541/2silver or 9​​ 1/2​​ total gold

(D) 21/2% on 551/2silver or 10​​ 1/2​​ total gold

7.How many Goats render one to pay Zakat?



8.How many kinds of Muslims are eligible to receive Zakat and Ushr, according to Qur’anic orders?



9.“O Prophet receive Zakat from their (people’s) properties so that (you) could make them neat and clean”. In which Surrah of Qur’an this ayat was revealed?

*(A)Surrah Muhammad




10.In which surrah of Qur’an all orders​​ regarding Zakat are prescribed?

*(A)Surrah Toba


(C)Surrah Muhammad


11.In clause (xxxiv-a) of section 2 of Zakat and ushr ordinance, 1980 “Taluqa Committee” means:

(A)a committee at Patwar circle level​​ constituted under section 17

(B)a committee at thaana level constituted under section 17

(C)a committee at village level constituted under section 17

*(D)a committee at Tehsil level constituted under section 17

12.In Pakistan Ushr began to be​​ collected from the:

*(A)Rabi crop of 1982-83

(B)Kharif crop of 1981-82

(C)Rabi crop of 1982-84

(D)None of the above

13.In the administration under the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.), Zakat was levied on:


(C)camels*(D)none of these

14.The Zakat and ushr Ordinance was promulgated on:

 (A) 21rst​​ April 1979 *(B) 20th​​ June 1980

 (C) 29th​​ June 1981 (D) 30th​​ June 1981

15.Bonded labor is mostly prevalent in:

*(A)Bhatta/ kiln industry

(B)Motor Workshops

(C)Carpet industry

(D)Sports Industry

Section 2 (English)

Directions: Each of the following questions consists of a word printed with numbering, followed by four optional words. Choose the word that is most nearly same in meaning to word printed in numbering.



*(C)escape(D)to open











*(A)put at risk(B)modernize


21.Ins and outs:


 *(C)all the details (D) wandering

22.at sixes and sevens​​ 

 (A) quick *(B)bewildered

(C)come early(D)teenage

23.blue-eyed boy:​​ 

 *(A)favourite person(B) criminal

(C)beautiful person(D)poor

24.cock and bull story:​​ 

(A)imaginary story

(B)true story

(C)initial learning

*(D)a lie that is completely unbelievable

25.fourth estate

(A)agricultural land(B)parliament


Fill in the blanks with proper preposition

26.My house is ____ the end of the street.



27.The film was different ____ what I had​​  been expecting.



28.I could not find the solution ____ the​​  problem.



29.She cares ____ the environment.



30.He was accused ____ theft.



Section 2 (Pakistan​​ Affairs & General Knowledge)

31.The tributaries of the Indus River​​  converge to their confluence with the Indus at:



32.From where the Indus River rises?



33.Which salt mine is the largest in area in the world?


(C)Shicago(D)none of them

34.Who wrote Sassi-Panu?

*(A)Hashim Shah​​  (B)Bulhe Shah

(C)Waris Shah(D)none of them

35.The Pakistani senate is consisted on:

*(A)104​​ seats(B)120 seats

(C)200 seats(D)90 seats

36.Pakistan China border treaty was signed in:



37.On 14 August 1947 the only fully​​  operational Muslim bank in Pakistan’s​​  territory was:

(A)National Bank of​​ Pakistan

(B)Habib Bank Ltd

*(C)Allied Bank Ltd

(D)United Bank Ltd

38.Mention the first female member of parliament in Pakistan?


(B)Zubaida Jalal

*(C)Begum ShaistaSuhrawadyIkramullah

(D)BegamRa’naLiaqat Ali

39.When Pakistan​​ launched first space satellite?



40.When Muslim League demand for principle of self-rule for India?

(A)1909(B)1914  (C)1915*(D)1913​​ 

41.In which year one unit was created?



42.Through the 18th amendment powers of the President have been curtailed are:

(A)Dissolve the Parliament unilaterally

(B)Declare emergency rule in any province unilaterally

(C)Appoint the head of the Election Commission

*(D)All of the above

43.The permanent envoy of Pakistan in the UN is:


(B)WajidShamsul Hassan


(D)Ahmad Aziz

44.SAARC Secretary General is:


(B)Abdullah Gül

(C)Ahmad Saleem

(D)Ahmed Hasan

45.Who is​​ commander ISAF?

(A)Javier Solana

*(B)David Howell Petraeus

(C)Stanley A. McChrystal

(D)David Wright

46.Which country is not a member of UNO?



47.“Abu Musa” Area is disputed between:

(A)*Iran and UAF(B)Iraq and UAE

(C)Yemen and UAE(D)None of these

48.The United Nations has designated the year 2010 as:​​ 

(A)International Year of Biology

(B)International Year of Forestry

(C)*International Year of Biodiversity

(D)International Year of Universe

49. The Next 17th​​ Asian games will be played in South Korea in:



50.In 2010 Pakistan received heavy monsoon rains due to:

(A)rise in temperature of Indian Oceans

(B)global warming

*(C)both a & b

(D)not a nor b

51.SayeedaHussainWarsi is the:

(A)Chairman of the British Conservative Party

(B)First Muslim woman to serve in the British Cabinet

(C)First Pakistani woman to serve in the British Cabinet

*(D)all of the above them

52.The tallest man-made​​ structure to date, the BurjKhalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is officially opened on:

(A)6th January 2010

(B)*4th January 2010

(C)7th January 2010

(D)9th January 2010

53.‘Broadway Street’ is famous for:


(B)Stock Exchange

*(C)Cinema Halls

(D)Shopping Centres

54.What is cartography?

(A)Art of drawing sketches

*(B)Art of making maps and charts​​ 

(C)Art of making pots

(D)Art of making charts

55.Which of following strait joins the Red Sea and Persian Gulf?

(A)Bering Strait

(B)*Bab-ul-Mandab Strait

(C)Bosphorous Strait

(D)Davis Strait

56.Name the economist whose theory of population describes that population increases faster than the means of support.

*(A)Thomas Robert Malthus

(B)Adam Smith


(D)None of them

57.If you dwelt in igloo you would be among:



58.Term belief in superiority of one’s own race or ethnic group?



59.Victoria Falls are located in south central Africa, on the Zambezi River, on the border between Zimbabwe and:


(C)South Africa(D)Cuba

60.Bishkek is the capital of:



61.How many​​ countries which are using euro currency?



62.The currency of China is:


(C)None of them*(D)Both of them

63.Baltic States, constituents of former USSR, consist of:​​ 

(A)Estonia, Latvia and​​ Armenia

*(B)Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

(C)Estonia, Latvia and Georgia

(D)Georgia, Latvia and Lithuania

64.What is the old name of Tokyo?



65.The strait of Bab-al-Mandeb (Red Sea) is known as:

*(A)Gates of Tears

(B)Gates of garden

(C)Gates of heaven

(D)Gates of Laughing

66.“The Switzerland of Pakistan” is:



67.Zhongguancun is the “Silicon Valley of China” and Silicon Gulf is called the “Silicon Valley of the Philippines”. Mention the Indian “Silicon Valley”?


(C)New Delhi*(D)Bangalore

68.“MilliMajlis” Parliament belongs to:



69.Blair House is an official guest house for​​ foreign dignitaries. In which country it is situated?



70.Which is the world’s highest Falls?

(A)Victoria Falls*(B)Angel Falls

(C)Niagara Falls(D)Boyoma Falls

71.In terms of Scheduled​​ international passengers carried Ryanair is the largest airline in the world. It belongs to:



72.Galileo Galilei Airport is located in:



73.The longest river in Central Asia is the Amu Darya. Which statement about the Amu Darya is true?

(A)it forms the border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan

(B)It forms border between Afghanistan & Uzbekistan and border between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan

(C)It forms the border of​​ Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

*(D)All of the above

74.China’s News agency is:



75.Who got Nobel Prize in Peace of 2009?

(A)Pope John Paul

(B)*Barack Obama

(C)Ban Ki moon

(D)All of above

76.“Order of the Rising​​ sun” is the highest military award of:



77.Asia’s highest point is Mount Everest (Nepal-Tibet) with the feet elevation of 29,035 (according to new map survey). Name the lowest point which is 1,312 feet​​ blow the sea level?

(A)Red sea(B)Blue sea

(C)Dead sea(D)Dar sea

78.Goldsmid Line is the border between:

(A)China & India

(B)China & Bhutan

*(C)Pakistan and Iran

(D)China & Taiwan

79.2005-2015 is UN’s Decade of:

(A)Education of African Children​​ 

*(B)Education for Sustainable Development

(C)Education for peace

 (D) none of these

80.Who presented the theory of “Clash of Civilizations”?

(A)Bill Clinton

(B)Robert Mogabe

(C)Samuel P Huntington

(D)Francis Fukuhama

81.Fatima​​ Bhutto’s book is:

(A)Whispers in the Desert

(B)Songs of Blood and Sword

*(C)both of them

(D)none of them

82.Total members of EU are:



83.The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) consists of 6 members: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and:



84.Current Secretary-General of UN belongs to:

*(A)South Korea(B)Burma

(C)Thailand​​  (D)North Korea

85.Currently, there are 186 member countries in​​ IMF. Where are its headquarters?

(A)New York(B)Hague

(C)Geneva*(D)Washington, D.C

86. India is world’s largest arms buyer in the world. Which country is the second largest?


*(C)Saudi Arabia(D)Singapore

87.Which of the following country has not written constitution?

(A)Israel(B)New Zealand

(C)Britain*(D)All of above

88.Mention the​​ longest continuously operating television channel in the world?

(A)Deutsche Fernsehefunk


*(C)BBC One


89.Which statement is true regarding Maldives?

*(A)it is smallest Islamic country

(B)it is the smallest Asian country in population

(C)it is the smallest Asian country in area

*(D)all of the above

90.Tiger wood is a:

(A)type of wood*(B)golf player

(C)weapon​​  (D)cloth

91.Which is the first newspaper of Urdu language?


(B)Urdu Guide Akhbar


(D)None of these

92.New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote, in 1893, but women did not get the right to run for the New Zealand legislature until:


(C) 1947 *(D)1919

93.Which is the hottest planet in our solar system?



94.In which continent animal Kangaroo is abundantly found?​​ 



95.Red Sea separates the Arabian Peninsula, western Asia,​​ from northeastern:



96.What is the number of beats per minute by human heart?



97.About how much blood does the heart of an average human being pump every minute?

(A)6.0 litres*(B)6.2 litres

(C)6.1 litres(D)6.3 litres

98.Term the time during which an organism is present in the body before causing disease?

(A)Rest period

*(B)Incubation period

(C)Sleeping period

(D)Incubation time

99.Who was the inventor of​​ computer?

 (A)Douglas Engelbart

 (B)Ada Lovelace

 *(C)Charles Babbage

(D)None of these

100.Which instrument is used to measure the pressure of air?

(A)Radio telescope(B)Compass

(C) Electrometer *(D) Barometer

​​ In 2014 Saudi Arabia was the largest arms buyer. It bought arms worth 4243$. India was the 2nd​​ one by purchasing arms worth 2629 $

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