District Zakat Officer (BS-17) in Zakat & Ushr Department Past Paper 2010

Correct answer marked with * 

1.Plants at night exhale:

(A)Oxygen(B)*Carbon Dioxide


2.Sunlight is composed of:

(A)Three colures(B)Five colures

(C)*Seven colures(D)Ten colures

3.Which is the least conductor of electricity among the following?



4.Which vitamin cannot be stored in the human body?

(A)Vitamin A(B)*Vitamin C

(C)Vitamin D(D)Vitamin E

5.Jaundice is the disease of:



6.Nuclear Energy is obtained from:



7.After Pashtun, which is the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan:



8.Gobi Desert is situated mostly in:

(A)South Africa(B)Russia

(C)North Africa(D)*Mongolia

9.Identify the smallest state by area?:

(A)San Marino(B)Maldives


10.In the World’s Ten most populous countries, Pakistan is at number:



11.What is meant by Cash Crop?

(A)The crop which is sold on high prices

(B)*The crop which is grown only for sale rather than for the farmer’s own use

(C)The crop which is grown only for export earnings

(D)None of these

12.Which country is the largest wool producer in the world?



13.Baghalchur area of Dera Ghazi Khan contains mineral reserves of:

(A)Rock Phosphate




14.Attock Fort was built by Mughal Emperor:

(A)Zahir-ud-Din Babur


(C)*Jalal-ud-Din Akbar

(D)Shahbud-Din Shah Jehan

15.In the total area of Pakistan, the share of Punjab is about:



16.The deepest known point on Earth is in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean near:



17.Niagara Falls is situated on the border of:

(A)Greenland and Iceland

(B)England and France

(C)*United States and Canada

(D)United States and Mexico

18.Pakistan is situated at:

(A)*Tropic of Cancer

(B)Tropic of Capricorn


(D)None of these

19.Which of the following country is a Peninsula?


(C)Australia(D)*Saudi Arabia

20.The largest Islamic country by area is:



21.The Cultural Center of Gandhara Civilization was situated at:



22.1 meter is equal to:

(A)2.094 feet(B)*3.281 feet

(C)4.051 feet(D)5.621 feet

23.In 1962, which organization of the Muslim world was formed?


(B)Organization of Islamic Conference


(D)Arab League

24.Which of the following Vitamin maintains normal clotting of blood?

(A)Vitamin A(B)Vitamin C

(C)Vitamin D(D)*Vitamin K

25.Which of the following country has the longest coastline (243798 Km) in the world?