District Zakat Officer (BS-17) in Zakat & Ushr Department Past Paper 2014

Following is the Past Paper of District Zakat Officer (BS17), in Zakat & Ushr Department. Exam conducted by Punjab Public Service Commission. It can give you some useful information regarding entry test. These Past Paper MCQs can also help you to prepare NTS, OTS, PTS, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, AJPSC and other types of entry test exams. PPSC test questions in this past paper are of unique kind. It is an open secret that taking the test of PPSC is always difficult so prepare for your next job test.

Correct answer is marked with a “*”.

1. Zakat and Ushr Ordinance was issued in _______
(A) 15 June 1981 (B) *20 June 1980 (C) 1st July 1980 (D) 1st July 1979
2. Prime Objective of Zakat and Ushr is _______
(A) to help the state
(B) to make the state stable
(C) enable to make the welfare
(D) *to assist the needy
3. Zakat and Ushr Ordinance ________
(A) Can be challenged in the Supreme Court
(B) can be challenged in any Civil Court
(C) is immune from challenge
(D) can be challenged by the President
4. No zakat shall be charged and collected from a person who is ________
(A) dead
(B) not a Muslim
(C) not a citizen of Pakistan
(D) *All of these
5. The amount of Zakat deducted is credited in Account ______
(A) *08-Central Zakat Fund
(B) 80-Central Zakat Fund
(C) 05-Central Zakat Fund
(D) 50-Central Zakat Fund
6. The actual disbursament of Zakat is made through _________
(A) Minister, Religious Affairs
(B) Secretary, Zakat and Ushr
(C) *Local Zakat Committees (LZCs)
(D) District Coordination Officer
7. The Ministry of Religious Affairs, Zakat &Ushr (MORA) allocates funds to the provinces on the basis of:
(A) their areas
(B) *percentage of population
(C) their sources
(D) their income and expenditure
8. Zakat is distributed among ______
(A) Mustehqeen-e-Zakat
(B) ‘Guzara’ allowances
(C) educational stipends & Deeni Madaris
(D) *All of these
9. In Punjab, there are ______ District Zakat Committees (DSCs)
(A) *35 (B) 32
(C) 30 (D) 28
10. What is Ushr for the Muslim farmers ________ushr is for the non-Muslims.
(A) Fay (B) Jizya
(C) *Kharaj (D) Toll Tax
11. Ushr is not charged if the land is _____ of an acre.
(A) 14 (B) 13
(C) 12 (D) 25 acre
12. Ushr is collected in ___________
(A) kind (B) *cash
(C) barter system (D) none of these
13. __________ appoints the auditors, to carry out audit of the Central Zakat Fund.
(A) Auditor General
(B) President
(C) Prime Minister
(D) *The Central Council
14. ____________ appoints the auditors to carry out audit of the Provincial Zakat Fund.
(A) Advocate General
(B) Governor
(C) *The Provincial Council
(D) Chief Minister
15. Central Zakat Council consists of _______ Ulema.
(A) 5 (B) *3
(C) 2 (D) 4
16. Who is the Secretary General of Central Zakat Council?
(A) *Administrator General
(B) Prime Minister
(C) President
(D) Judge of the Supreme Court
17. The age of women members of the Central Zakat Council shall not be less than ______ years.
(A) 30 (B) 40
(C) *45 (D) 50
18. Local Zakat and Ushr Committee consists of _______ members.
(A) 7 (B) *9
(C) 11 (D) 12
19. All members of the Zakat &Ushr Councils & Committees are ________
(A) *Muslims
(B) Not necessary
(C) at least one Christian
(D) one from any minority
20. Representative of women in Local Committee is _________
(A) 1 (B) *2
(C) 3 (D) Nil