District Zakat Officer (BS-17) in Zakat & Ushr Department Past Paper 2009

1.“Nisab” in relation to gold as prescribed in the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance, 1980 is:

(A)612.32 grams(B)305.25 grams

(C)*87.48 grams(D)100 grams

2.A government owned corporation earns a net profit of rupees one billion in a particular year. It will be liable to pay zakat amounting to:​​ 

(A)Rs.25 million(B)Rs.2.5 millions

(C)zero*(D)None of these

3.By which year had the Islamic Zakat System been enforced and implemented?

(A)Within five years of the beginning of the revelation of the Holy Quran.

(B)Before the Prophet (peace be upon him) migrated to Medina.

(C)By 9th A.H. (Ninth Hijri)*

(D)By the time of the martyrdom of Omar the Great.

4.Who had been appointed as Governor of Yemen with the responsibility of collecting Zakat by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)?

(A)Hazrat Abdullah bin Omar

(B)HazratMa’az bin Jabal*

(C)Hazrat Osama bin Zaid

(D)Hazrat Khalid bin Walid

5.In which of the Suras (chapters) of Quran the list of the beneficiaries of zakat has been specifically given?



6.The scope for the disbursement of Zakat and Ushr is limited to:​​ 

(A)Muslim citizens of Pakistan

(B)Muslims of any nation

(C)Converts to Islam

(D)Scope extends much beyond the above three categories*

7.Zakat year means:​​ 

(A)Calendar year commencing on the first day of January

(B)Hijra year commencing on the first day of Ramadhan*

(C)Financial year beginning first of July.

(D)Agricultural year starting first of chart.

8.Which forum can decide under Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980 as amended, the question whether a declaration about exemption from zakat made under Section 3 (Sub-Section 3) is valid according to the fiqah declarant professes to follow:

(A)Administrative General

(B)Provincial Zakat Council

(C)Relevant High Court

(D)Federal Shariat Court*

9.Ushr shall be charged and collected on compulsory basis only from:​​ 

(A)Landowner in cultivating possession*

(B)Tenant Cultivator

(C)Self cultivating allottee

(D)Every landowner, grantee, allottee, lessee, lease holder or land holder

10.The landowner would be exempt from payment of Ushr if the produce from his land is less than:​​ 

(A)948 kilograms of wheat or its equivalent*

(B)2000 kilograms of wheat or its equivalent

(C)3000 kilograms of wheat or its equivalent

(D)No exemption limit.

11.Which of The Indian States lost its Chief Minister in a helicopter crash in the first week of September 2009?

(A)Uttar Pradesh(B)Maharashtra

(C)Bihar(D)Andhra Pradesh*

12.Earth’s surface temperature has increase mainly because of:​​ 

(A)Radio activity

(B)Higher level of CO2 concentration*

(C)Lower level of Nitrogen in the air

(D)Growth in forests.

13.The printing press was invented by:

(A)Thomas Edison

(B)Johannes Gutenberg*

(C)Johann Mendel

(D)Robert Koch

14.When was the world’s first steam engine invented?



15.Bhartia Janta Party threw out one of its stalwart for projecting a favourable view of Quaid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah in a book. The author of the book was:

(A)K. L. Advani(B)Jaswant Singh*

(C)Narendra Modi(D)None of these

16.Gordian knot means:

(A)A very difficult task*

(B)A sailor’s rope

(C)Couplings connecting railway carriages

(D)Climber’s hook.

17.Operation Midnight Jackal was launched to :-

(A)Capture Kargil heights

(B)Topple Benazir Govt. in 1996*

(C)Topple Nawaz Sharif Govt. in 1999

(D)Topple Benazir Govt. in 1989

18.Rubicon means:​​ 

(A)Package of Ribbons

(B)Compound containing Vitamin B & C

(C)Anything made of rubber

(D)*A significant boundary

19.Basmati Paddy (Rice) is harvested in Punjab in the month of:​​ 



20.Lower Chenab Canal takes off from:-

(A)Marola Headworks

(B)Qadirabad Barrage*

(C)Trimmu Barrage

(D)Khanki Headworks