District Zakat Officer (BS-17) in Zakat & Ushr Department Past Paper 2008

Correct answer marked with * 

1.Which part of human body is more prone to damage from the ‘Hepatitis Virus’



2.‘Mossad’ is the intelligence agency of:



3.In Pakistan Ushr began to be collected from the:

(A)*Rabi crop of 1982-3

(B)Kharif crop of 1981

(C)Rabi crop of 1983-84

(D)None of these

4.What do you understand by the term “Brain Drain”?

(A)Mad Person

(B)Migration of skilled labour to other countries*

(C)Emigration of intellectuals

(D)Illiteracy and ignorance​​ 

5.Second Battle of Panipat was fought in 1556 A.D. between

(A)Sher Shah Suri and Humanyun

(B)Ahmad Shah Abdali and Marathas

(C)ZaheerUd Din Baber and Ibrahim Lodhi

(D)None of these*

6.Peso is the currency of:



7.Canberra is the capital of:


(C)Denmark(D)New Zealand

8.World Bank President is:

(A)*Robert Zoellick(B)Strauss-Kahn

(C)ShakourShaalan(D)none of these

9.The largest artificial lake is:

(A)Lake Baikal (Russia)

(B)Lake Superior (North America)

(C)Lake Great Bear (Canada)

(D)Lake Mead (USA)*

10.“Angkor Vat” is the largest ________


(C)Graveyard(D)none of these

11.Aral Sea is located in:

(A)Latin America(B)*Central Asia

(C)Africa(D)Central Africa

12.“Dickson” is the seaport of:


(C)South Africa(D)Norway

13.“Seattle” is the seaport of:



14.Which country is known as “Pearl of Antilles”?

(A)*Cuba(B)South Africa


15.Bolan Pass connects the Jacobabad and Sibi with:



16.Siachen Glacier is located in:

(A)*Eastern Karakoram Range

(B)Southern Karakoram Range

(C)Southern Karakoram Range

(D)Western Karakoram Range

17.Chronometer is used to measure:


(C)*Time(D)none of these

18.Why “Black Sea” is so called?

(A)The dense fog that prevails there in winter*

(B)A large number of rocks in the water

(C)The water of sea is black

(D)None of these

19.The Muslims of Mindanao Island are struggling​​ 

(A)Japan(B)South Africa


20.Pakistan’s permanent representative in UN is:



21.The Arabic word ‘Zakat’ has been derived from ‘Zaka’ which means:



22.Zakat was made compulsory in:

(A)the first year of Hijrat

(B)*the second year of Hijrat

(C)the third year of Hijrat

(D)fourth year of Hijrat

23.How many times the world ‘Zakat’ occurs in the Holy Quran:


(C)*32(D)None of these

24.On cash, gold and silver Zakat is paid at a rate of:

(A)One per cent

(B)Two per cent

(C)Two and half per cent*

(D)Three per cent

25.One goat is for Zakat on every:

(A)30 goats(B)*40 goats

(C)50 goats(D)55 goats