1. What is the length of table in the game of table Tennis?​​ 2.74 ft

2. Dwight D. Eisenhower was an American army general and statesman who served as the?​​ 34th​​ president

3. What is the old Capital of Japan?​​ Kyoto​​ 

4. Boko Haram terrorist group belongs to which country?​​ Nigeria​​ 

5. The function of white blood cell?​​ Defense against disease

6. Handhold devices are called?​​ Hardware​​ 

7.Ctrl + End?

8. What is the default font style of MS-Word?​​ Calibri Font

9. Who was the Mughal emperor before Aurangzaib?​​ Shah Jhan

10. Who became Governor General after Quaid-e Azam?​​ Khawja Nazim ud Din

11. Mosul Dam, the most dangerous dam of the World is situated in?​​ Iran

12. Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline (TAPI), also known as “Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, is a natural gas pipeline which country include?​​ Turkmenistan

13. When was the first battle fought by Muslims?​​ 2 Hijrah (Ghazwa Badar)

14. Name of book revealed before Zaboor?​​ Torait

15. What is the name of Faiz’s first poetry book?​​ Naqsh e Farydi

16. The birth place of Mirza Ghalib?​​ Agra

17. Asian games held after how many years?​​ Four Years

18. "Interfax"​​ news agency belongs to which country?​​ Russia

19. Muzdalifa is situated between?​​ Mina and Arafat

20. The seventh month of Islamic Calendar?​​ Rajab

21. "Awaz ​​ Dost" is written by?​​ Mukhtar Masood

22. Who created the character of Tout Batoot?​​ Sufi Gulam Mustafa Tabbasum

23. Who created the character of Sherlock Holmes?​​ Sir Author Canon Doyle

24. Which Prophet is called Abu Basher?​​ Hazrat Adam (A.S)

25. Which Dynasty ruled after Slave Dynasty?​​ Khilji

26. Who was the freedom fighter?​​ Rai Ahmad Khan Kharal of Jhamrah

27. How many seats won by All India Muslim League ​​ in 1945 Legislative Elections?​​ 30 Seats

28. Battle of Neharvan was fought against?​​ Khawarij

29. In "BRICS" what is "S"​​ include?​​ South Africa​​ 

30. Which is the second largest province of Pakistan by area?​​ Punjab

31. "Butterfly" ​​ term used in?​​ Swimming​​ 

32. Study of Handwriting is called?​​ Graphology

33.What is the capital of Albania?​​ Tirana

34. Fill in the blank: She learnt the poem ____ heart?​​ By

35. Which UN organization deals with population?​​ UNFPA

36. Which UN office deals with peacekeeping mission?​​ Security Council

37. Who was the first Pakistani selected as President in UN General Assembly?​​ Sir Zafar-ullah Khan

38. Which Muslim Caliph had all his four sons Caliphs too?​​ Abdul-Malik ibn Marwan

39. K-2 is situated in mountains range?​​ Kkarakorum Range

40. Mac Operating System (OS) is developed by an American Company?​​ Apple Inc

41. Meaning of Euphemism?​​ a word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word

42. Who was the captain of Pakistan Cricket Team in 1992 World cup?​​ Imran Khan

43. Name of current Governor of Punjab?​​ Muhammad Sarwar

44. Largest archipelago in the world?​​ Indonesia

45."Thimphu" is the Capital of?​​ Bhutan

46. How to change font in MS Word by short key?:​​ Ctrl+Shift+P

47. Skylab was launched from a United States space station and operated by NASA?​​ May 14, 1973, 5:30 PM.

48. 16 November is celebrated as?​​ Tolerance day

49. Hazrat Ali (R.A) was martyred in which month?​​ Ramzan

50. Fill in the blank: We arrived _____ the station an hour late?​​ at

51. Taj Mehal was built in which century?​​ 17th Century (In 1648 by the order of Shah Jahan)

52.Urdu defense association was an organization developed by?​​ Mohsin-ul-Mulk

53. Vessels transport blood from organs to heart are called?​​ veins

54. "Takht Bhai" an ancient place is situated in?​​ Mardan

55. In which constitution Islam was declared as the state religion of Pakistan?​​ In 1973 constitution​​ 

56. What is the angle of semi-circle?​​ 180 degree​​ 

57. Tajikistan Assembly is called?​​ Majlisi Oli

58. The tomb of Hazrat Madhu Lal Hussain is in?​​ Lahore

59.Who presided the Muslim League Session in 1940? Quaid-e-Azam

60. What is the square root of 0.16?​​ 0.4

61. When Nishan-e-Haider was awarded to Lalak Jan Shaheed in?​​ 1999

62. Fill in the blank: They laughed ____ him?​​ at

63. Reason of left infected eye of Maharaja Ranjeet Sing?​​ Small pox

64. Which organization is not part of UN?​​ World Trade Organization

65. Optical fibers are used in?​​ Telecommunications​​ 

66. Red underlines in MS-Word illustrate?​​ Spelling mistake

67. Who was the last king of Afghanistan?​​ Muhammad Zahir Shah

68. One megawatt is equal to how many kilowatts?​​ 1000 kilowatts

69. Pakistan cricket team head coach name is?​​ Mickey Arthur

70. Who arranged periodic table on the basis of atomic numbers of elements?​​ Dmitri Mendeleev

71. Battle of Khwarij is also called as?​​ Battle of Nahrawan

72. Shakarparian Park situated in?​​ Islamabad

73. Jastin Trudeau is the President of?​​ Canada

74. Current Chief Justice of Pakistan:​​ Asif Saeed Khousa

75. A Bull in a China shop means?​​ Aggressive and clumsy in a situation​​ 

76. Mother language of Quaid e Azam?​​ Gujrati

78. Which command is used for saving the document?​​ Ctrl + S

79. What is the meaning of "ZENITH"?​​ Center point of the Earth​​ 

80. In a game of 100 points, A can give B 20 points and C 28 points. Then B can give C?​​ 10 Points​​ 

81. Shah Jehan spent his life in the jail of Agra Fort for? ​​ Eight years

82. By Default font used in MS word 2007?​​ Calibri

83. Grotesque synonyms?​​ Bizarre

84. Which species of cat eat and hunted in Group? (lion, cheetah, leopard, tiger)

85. Antonym of Deviation?​​ Conformity

86. What is contraband?​​ Banned Goods

87. Highest mountain in Alp Range?​​ Mont Blanc​​ 

88. Synonym of Anomaly?​​ Aberration​​ 

89. Buckingham Palace is the residence of British King and Queen. Where is it situated?​​ London

90. The Headquarter of Common Wealth?​​ United Kingdom (London)

91. Mirza Ghalib, the famous poet of the sub-continent, died in Dehli in the year?​​ 1797

92. Who was the writer of "Raja Gidh"?​​ Bano Qudsiya

93. Who was the writer of "Faseel-e Shab"?​​ Mira Adeeb

94. Who was the writer of "Shakist"?​​ Krishan Chandar

95. ​​ Which was the first "Novel" of Urdu?​​ Mirat-ul-Aroos

96. "Marsiyah" is a word of which language?​​ Arabic

97. ​​ Meaning of the Proverb: Do in Rome as the Romans do?​​ Jesa Dais Wesa Bhais

98.  ​​​​ How many lines in "Maqta"?​​ Four Lines

99. ​​ What is the name of Faiz’s first poetry book?​​ Naqsh-e Faryadi

100. In Urdu poetry what is the meaning of "Matla'a"?​​ Taloo Hony ki Jagah